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GERMANY YRB TURBO DIESEL INTERMATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CO.,LIMITED located in Liaoning Shenyang Import&Export Industrial Zone, convenient transportation. Is a professional engaged in diesel Common rail Injector, Nozzle, Valve, Control valves and related components, R & D, manufacturing, sales in one of the high-tech enterprises. Dozens of companies are equipped with dozens of years of diesel common rail industry experts form, the use of international advanced equipment for product development and production, product performance in the domestic leading level of similar products. Total production of Euro III above the standard of diesel common rail components, leading the trend of technical development of the industry. Stewart today can provide solid and original quality is consistent, in accordance with international standard parts. After a few years users worldwide use, assessment, YRB  has become most outstanding diesel common rail injector manufacturer and supplier.

YRB Turbodiesel Co., Ltd,  also a professional turbocharger manufacturer.
Presently The production ability is 100,000 complete turbochargers and 100,000 cartridges.
YRB has a wide product range covers passenger, commercial vehicles, trucks, marine, petroleum, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery and generator sets.

For turbo parts, YRB adopting Tsugami High Precision Vertical/ Horizontal Machining Center (Japan); Hass/ Hardinge Machining Center/ CNC machine (US); Tsugami High Precision CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine/ Vacuum Electron Beam Welder (Japan), to make an internationalize precision standard.

For Inspection: YRB use Schenck (Germany)/ Turbo Technics (UK) Dynamic Balancing Machine for cartridges, Hexagon (Sweden), Nikon Bridge Type Measuring Machine (Japan), Germany Direct Reading Spectrometer, 3 Shape 3D Scanner, Projector, Metalloscope, Roundness Measuring instrument, Brinell Hardness Testing Machine, Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine and Roughometer.